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  • Haverford Guild of Craftsmen Online StoreHaverford Guild of Craftsmen Online Store
    To say that it’s been a crazy year would be something of a gross understatement. I was supposed to do ±12 shows in 2020, and I ended up only at one. That’s where I sell 90% of my inventory. So yea… it’s been … interesting. However, the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen has opened an online ...
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  • Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Fine Handmade Craft StorePennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Fine Handmade Craft Store
    Located in Lancaster City’s Historic District, you can find exceptional made-by-hand crafts for home, garden and you at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s Fine Handmade Craft Store. Nearly 1,500 works for the craft lover in all of us: fine jewelry, furniture, scarves & jackets, home decor, kitchen items and more. Surround yourself with inspiration. Discover ...
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