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  • Haverford Guild of Craftsmen Online StoreHaverford Guild of Craftsmen Online Store
    To say that it’s been a crazy year would be something of a gross understatement. I was supposed to do ±12 shows in 2020, and I ended up only at one. That’s where I sell 90% of my inventory. So yea… it’s been … interesting. However, the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen has opened an online ...
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  • Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Fine Handmade Craft StorePennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Fine Handmade Craft Store
    Located in Lancaster City’s Historic District, you can find exceptional made-by-hand crafts for home, garden and you at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s Fine Handmade Craft Store. Nearly 1,500 works for the craft lover in all of us: fine jewelry, furniture, scarves & jackets, home decor, kitchen items and more. Surround yourself with inspiration. Discover ...
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  • Owl Be BeadingOwl Be Beading
    Located in Bethlehem, Owl Be Beading is a bead and beading supply store that sells more than just supplies. Finished product is also available for sale there. The owner, Barb, has also generously opened her space up to other craftsmen and artisans that she has gotten to know over her years so it’s a place to ...
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